SBCD Korean Tofu House Tasting Session

January 31, 2017 Ivan Teh - RunningMan 0 Comments

SBCD Korean Tofu House Tasting Session
7 Wallich Street
#B1-01 Tanjong Pagar Centre

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30am - 10pm

This was an invited media review. I did not pay for the meal during the free hosted tasting session, but I did pay the standard price during subsequent visits.
Attended with representatives from Fundamentally Flawed, Beauty Buzz, and Taste Of Everything Asia.


Delicious Home Made Tofu Stew

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 6
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $35 per person.


Opening in January 2017, SBCD Korean Tofu House, whose name has an abbreviation for 'Singapore Buk Chang Dong' (SBCD), is a casual Korean dining restaurant which specialises in Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew, the signature dish of the Buk Chang Dong neighbourhood, in the Jung District of Seoul, Sudogwon Region, South Korea. Founded by Kevin Nam Kyoung Soo, the dining philosophy of SBCD Korean Tofu House is to serve uplifting, hearty, and wholesome Korean complete meals.

SBCD Korean Tofu House Signage
SBCD Korean Tofu House Signage

SBCD Korean Tofu House Exterior

SBCD Korean Tofu House Interior

Ambience at SBCD Korean Tofu House is spacious, clean, modern, and minimalist. Light colour tones of earth, wood, beige, and brown for the furnishings, brightly lit by warm lights. The high ceiling and open concept, with tables widely spaced apart, feels welcoming and comfortable, despite the large seating capacity of over 100 people. They have 4 private dining rooms, which can also be converted into a single large dining hall for private events. Decor is minimalist, with simple, clean pictures, the restaurant's philosophy, and the history of Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew on the walls.

Private Dining Room



Soy Beans Decor

Service at SBCD Korean Tofu House is decent enough. Staff are friendly though softspoken, quickly welcoming and seating guests upon arrival. The menu is simple and clear, with basic descriptions and pictures, so I felt little need to ask staff about dishes. They assist with requests quickly, such as changing cutlery. Orders take awhile to fulfill, with a wait time of around 15 minutes or so. I note staff clear away empty / dirty plates and tables quickly, and I like that they come around to check for feedback on your meal, as well as see if you need anything else. Was also told that the cutlery used is the premium kind, usually reserved for fine dining.

SBCD Korean Tofu House Philosophy

Table Setting

Food at SBCD Korean Tofu House is authentic Korean casual fare. The focus is on handmade Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew, of which there are 10 different ingredient combinations, with their other speciality being Korean grilled meats and seafood. Dishes are decently tasty, though some are slightly sweeter than usual. Portion sizes are medium to large, and meant for communal dining. Visiting in groups of 4 or more people is recommended. Prices are comparable to most other restaurants, being mid-range, and reflective of the effort that goes into making these dishes. Budget about SGD $45 per person for a meal here.


Home Made Beancurd Tofu

Special Hot Stone Rice Cooker, 15 Minutes 20 Seconds

Boiling Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew

The Beer Hite (SGD $10) is a common Korean beer, brewed by Hite Brewery in Yeongdeungpo district, Seoul, Sudogwon region, South Korea. It has a bright straw golden colour with aromas of wheat, cereal, rice, and malt. Body is smooth, crisp, and fizzy, with high amount of carbonation, tastes of bread, barley, malt, and corn. Refreshing with a light bitter sweet taste, and undertones of metal.

Beer Hite (SGD $10)

The Makgeolli / Rice Wine (SGD $18) here is the mass-market, bottled version. Personally, I didn't like the taste of this brand.

Makgeolli / Rice Wine (SGD $18)

The Banchan / Side Dishes (SGD $Complimentary) is unlimited / free-flow, but there are only 4 varieties. My favourite is the Ojingeo Jeotgal / Fermented Paste Squid, with its sweet spicy flavours and fresh bouncy texture. The Kimchi Baechu / Kimchi Pickled Cabbage has a nice crunch, but is more sour than sweet. The Gochu Jangajji / Green Chili Pickles is nicely tender, with a sour sharp flavour that makes it addictive. The Gim Gui / Roasted Seaweed has a crisp texture, and a robust earthy salty flavour that goes great with drinks. The Mineo Agami Jeot / Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker / Corvina Fish is moist and tender with a slightly crisp skin, and a nice salty savoury sweet flavour to the cured fish meat.

Banchan / Side Dishes (SGD $Complimentary)

Kimchi Baechu / Kimchi Pickled Cabbage

Gochu Jangajji / Green Chili Pickles

Ojingeo Jeotgal / Fermented Paste Squid

Gim Gui / Roasted Seaweed

Mineo Agami Jeot / Deep-Fried Yellow Croaker / Corvina Fish

The Hot Stone Rice Pot (SGD $3) is a signature here, where Korean white rice is cooked in stone claypots, over a specially imported stove, for exactly 15 minutes and 20 seconds. The result is semi-sticky white rice with a beautiful fragrance, a light sweetness, and fluffy yet not mushy or clumpy. Staff guided us to scoop out half of the Hot Stone White Rice to pair with the main meal, then added Corn Tea to the remaining half. This created a light, floral sweet smoky porridge, known as Nurungji Bap / Scorched Rice Tea, which is eaten towards the end of the meal. The warm, floral earthy sweet Corn Tea is also a good standalone beverage drink.

Hot Stone Rice Pot (SGD $3)

Hot Stone White Rice

Corn Tea

Corn Tea

Nurungji Bap / Scorched Rice Tea

The Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew is the signature dish here, available in 10 different ingredient combinations, and in 4 levels of spiciness for the soup / broth - mild, medium, spicy, and crazy hot. The soft, silky tofu beancurd is handmade fresh daily, using mature soybeans that are boiled, curdled, then pressed. Each bowl is served with a generous portion of tofu beancurd, along with an egg, and your choice of ingredients.

The Assorted Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $19.90) features beef, clams, prawns, and squid, having a robust savoury sweet flavour. The Abalone Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $29.90) features 2 abalone in shells, clams, mussels, prawns, and squid, having a light sweet seafood flavour. The Ham & Cheese Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $19.90) is unique, and very filling. The Sesame Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $17.90) is the only non-spicy, and also the only vegetarian option, featuring broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, zucchini, and sesame seeds.

However, I felt the Dumpling Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $19.90), which features pork, and minced pork and radish dumplings, was weak. The dumplings were not tightly packed, too fragile, and fell apart easily.

Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew

Assorted Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $19.90)

Abalone Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $29.90)

Ham & Cheese Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $19.90)

Sesame Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $17.90)

Dumpling Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew (SGD $19.90)

The Spicy Grilled Chicken (SGD $25.90) features a large, juicy, savoury sweet chicken thigh, served sizzling on a hot plate. Garnished with spring onions, sesame seeds, and a spicy fermented soybean paste, the light smoky aroma and tasty meat hits all the right notes. So good. Highly recommended!

Spicy Grilled Chicken (SGD $25.90)

Spicy Grilled Chicken

The Spicy Barbecue Pork (SGD $25.90) features strips of marinated pork loin, barbecued and served on a hot plate with onions, bell peppers / capsicum, spring onions, and sesame seeds. While tasty with a deep sweet savoury flavour, I felt the texture was a little dry, and also a tad too sweet. Decent.

Spicy Barbecue Pork (SGD $25.90)

Spicy Barbecue Pork

The LA Beef Galbi (SGD $35.90) is a signature hot plate dish here. Large fillets of marinated and barbecued beef steak on the bone, imported from Los Angeles, California, United States Of America, are served with a garnish of spring onions and sesame seeds. Bite it, and you get a juicy fatty tender texture, with a deep and intense savoury sweet flavour, and a hint of smoky aroma. Incredibly good, this was unstoppable. A must order. Highly recommended!

LA Beef Galbi (SGD $35.90)

LA Beef Galbi

The Spicy Baby Octopus (SGD $29.90) was pretty good, with fresh whole marinated baby octopus, having a bouncy crunchy moist texture, and a sweet savoury flavour. The spicy flavour kick in at the back, with a light lingering burn. I like that it's not overwhelming, and doesn't numb the mouth. Worth ordering!

Spicy Baby Octopus (SGD $29.90)

Spicy Baby Octopus

The Prawn Tofu Pancake (SGD $19.90) is unique because the entire pancake is made from tofu beancurd! Soft and silky in texture, it's coated in a light flour batter, with chunks of deshelled prawns within. Taste is fresh, light, sweet with a little savoury, and a hint of smoky. Good!

Prawn Tofu Pancake (SGD $19.90)

Prawn Tofu Pancake

Prawn Tofu Pancake

The Haemul Pajeon / Seafood Pancake (SGD $19.90) is large and filling for a communal appetizer, and features a crisp outside, soft inside, all-purpose flour pancake, studded with fresh sweet squid, deshelled prawns, crunchy spring onions, and chili. Refreshing, and I like to pair it with the salty sour sauce of light soy sauce and vinegar on the side.

Haemul Pajeon / Seafood Pancake (SGD $19.90)

Haemul Pajeon / Seafood Pancake

The Tteok-Galbi (SGD $29.90) here is among the better versions I've had, a really delicious version of a hamburger patty. The minced beef is generous in portion, and tightly packed into a large patty, which is chewy and juicy in texture, albeit oily. Robust savoury salty flavour, the natural beef flavour really comes through here. Good!

Tteok-Galbi (SGD $29.90)


Overall, I loved the filling and decently tasty complete meals at SBCD Korean Tofu House, especially the painstackingly home made Soondubu Jjigae / Silken Tofu Stew. With decent, spacious ambience and efficient service, SBCD Korean Tofu House stands as a good choice for a casual Korean restaurant dining destination. Their warm, hearty soups / stews are especially comforting on cold or rainy days!



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