Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive

Opening Hours:

Bay South Outdoor Gardens:
5am - 2am Daily

Flower Dome & Cloud Forest:
9am - 9pm Daily (Last admission at 8.30pm)

Supertree Grove & OCBC Skyway:
9am - 9pm Daily (Last admission at 8.30pm)

Admission Fees (In SGD $):
Bay South Outdoor Gardens:

Flower Dome & Cloud Forest:
Adult: $28
Children (3 - 12 Years Old): $15

Supertree Grove & OCBC Skyway:
Adult: $5
Children (3 - 12 Years Old): $3

Estimated Visiting Duration:
2 - 6 Hours

List Of Star Attractions (Must See):
Heritage Gardens
Supertree Grove & Corridor
OCBC Skyway
OCBC Garden Rhapsody (7.45pm and 8.45pm Daily)
World Of Plants
Flower Dome
Cloud Forest
Exhibition Room
Garden Cruiser Trail (SGD $5 per Adult)

List Of Main Attractions (Good To See):
Golden Garden
Silver Garden
Waterfront Walk
Dragonfly Lake & Boardwalk
Dragonfly Bridge
Indian Garden
Chinese Garden
Malay Garden
Colonial Garden
Web Of Life
Fruits And Flowers
World Of Palms
Secret Life Of Trees
Baobabs And Bottle Trees
Succulent Garden
Australian Garden
South African Garden
South American Garden
Californian Garden
Mediterranean Garden
Olive Grove
Flower Field
Waterfall View
Treetop Walk
Cloud Walk
Secret Garden
Lost World
Crystal Mountain
+5 Degrees
Gardens By The Bay Exterior & Surroundings

List Of Other Attractions (For A Complete Experience):
Kingfisher Lake
Water Lily Pond
Victoria Lily Pond
Tadpole Play Garden
The Canopy
The Meadow
Fragile Forest
Nibong Island
Dragonfly Island
The Cavern
Earth Check
Jubilee Event Hall
The Silver Leaf Event Hall
Event Lawn
Satay By The Bay

Many Landscaped Gardens, Each An Attraction In Itself

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 9
Visited: Aug-2012


The latest Singapore Attraction, the Gardens By The Bay is a much heralded, 'must visit' place. The Gardens By The Bay does live up to its hype, even though it is currently only 70% or so complete. And what a beautiful place it is!

The Gardens By The Bay is at once an engineering, design, landscaping, horticulture and conservation feat. Beautiful landscaped gardens, each showcasing an aspect of culture, nature or conservation, are constructed upon reclaimed land and sustained with green technology. This feat in itself makes the Gardens By The Bay commendable.

Each landscaped garden in the Gardens By The Bay is a mini-attraction on its own. The Heritage Gardens showcase the 4 major cultures of Singapore, and their use of plants in daily life. Each of the 4 themed gardens revolve around each race, with matching architecture, and spotlight plants they consider important.

The World Of Plants in Gardens By The Bay is only partially completed. But those areas that have been completed are intriguing. The ones that were completed during my visit included Understorey, World Of Palms and Secret Life Of Trees. Information and exhibits are presented in relatively novel and different ways.

The Supertree Grove & Corridor in the middle of Gardens By The Bay houses the OCBC Skyway. At a height of just above tree level, you can see the bay area. However, I felt this was rather underwhelming... while the view is nice, you don't exactly get clear views in all directions. At night, the area is beautifully lit, and featues the OCBC Garden Rhapsody at 7.45pm and 8.45pm daily.

The Flower Dome and Cloud Forest are the main pay-per-entry areas of Gardens By The Bay. The Flower Dome re-creates a temperate climate, and features gardens themed around geographical regions, like the Australia Garden, South Africa Garden or the South American Garden. The Flower Field located here is easily the prettiest landscaped garden in the entire Gardens By The Bay.

The Gardens By The Bay Cloud Forest re-creates its namesake, the cloud forest, complete with Waterfall, and high walkways. The experience walking along these walkways was simply awesome, with great views of the bay and interior architecture of the Cloud Forest. I felt like I was on a different planet! Well worth the admission price!

If you're planning a visit, do note that general admission is free, including admission to the Bay South Outdoor Gardens. Admission to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest costs SGD $28, while the OCBC Skyway at the Supertree Grove costs SGD $5. Allocate between 2 to 6 hours for viewing, wear a good pair of shoes, and bring water! It's best to visit during daylight hours, but you may wish to prepare a cap / umbrella / sunblock lotion.


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