Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer
30 Raffles Avenue

Opening Hours:
Daily 8.30am - 10.15pm

Admission Fees (In SGD $):

$29.50 (Singapore Flight)

Child (3 - 12 Years Old):
$20.65 (Singapore Flight)

Senior Citizens (Above 60 Years Old):
$23.60 (Singapore Flight)

Estimated Visiting Duration:
1 - 2 Hours

List Of Star Attractions (Must See):
Singapore Flight
Singapore Sling Flight
Signature Cocktail Flight
Moët & Chandon Champagne Flight
World's First Full Butler Sky Dining
Singapore Flyer Exterior & Surroundings

List Of Main Attractions (Good To See):
Journey Of Dreams Interactive Gallery
Ultimate Drive

List Of Other Attractions (For A Complete Experience):
Greek Theatre
Tropical Rainforest
Flight Experience
Singapore Food Trail

Scenic Views Of Singapore And Beyond

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Visited: Aug-2012


The Singapore Flyer is a giant observation wheel, and standing at 165 meters, is currently the tallest such observation wheel in the world. Boasting views of up to 45 kilometers, which is longer than the length of Singapore, the Singapore Flyer incorporates award winning design into the wheel, which sits amidst a commercial hub along the water front.

Whithin the commerical hub of the Singapore Flyer, is a Greek Theatre, as well as a Tropical Rainforest. Also located here is the Singapore Flyer entrance, which passes through the Journey Of Dreams Interactive Gallery.

Generally, the highlight of the Singapore Flyer is viewing the surrounding scenery from one of the capsules. While the most basic flight will suffice, generally, the more expensive flights provide a much better experience.

Visiting the Singapore Flyer during the day allows you clearer views of the entire island, while visiting the Singapore Flyer at night allows you to view the city scape in lights. You'll also be able to see parts of Malaysia or Indonesia.

If you're planning a visit, do note that while general admission is free, to actually get onto a capsule for a flight costs a minimum of SGD $29.50. Flight time of 1 rotation is about 30 minutes. Try to allocate between 1 to 2 hours for viewing.


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