Ramly Burger

Ramly Burger 

Ramly Burger is a Malaysian burger brand, named after creator Ramly Moknin. However, Ramly Burger also refers to the unique style of preparing this burger, in which the meat patty and condiments are wrapped in a thin layer of egg, resulting in a neat packet, which is then served on vegetables between the burger buns. 

There are various types of meat patty that could be used for a Ramly Burger, by far the most popular is chicken or beef. There are also Ramly Burger patty made from fish, lamb or prawn. The patty is grilled in magarine, topped with cheese, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, worcestershire sauce and curry powder, then wrapped in a thin layer of egg into a neat packet, like an omelette. 

The packet is then placed on a bed of cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and cabbage, and sandwiched by lightly grilled burger buns. A Ramly Burger served in this manner is known as a 'Ramly Burger Special'; has a more pleasant texture than a regular burger, and is less messy when consumed. 

Ramly Burger is usually sold in street side kiosks, and can be found in most Malaysian towns or rest stops. It's more uncommon in large cities and small villages. 

Due to its popularity, Ramly Burger is also imported in Singapore, albeit with a few modifications to the patty to meet Singaporean safety standards. As such, while the preparation of Ramly Burger in Singapore is the same, the taste usually differs quite greatly from the Malaysia counterpart. 

Credits: Inez Lim for this photo