Top 5 Delhi Attractions

Top 5 Delhi Attractions

City: New Delhi
State: Delhi
Country: India

Known as the executive and legislative seat of power in India, Delhi is one of the oldest cities in existence, estimated to be over 5,000 years old. Having served as the capital for numerous kingdoms and empires, Delhi has a rich history and multiple monuments from ages past.

Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions to visit in Delhi, all of which hold important cultural or historical significance. All these are permanent locations which can be visited and viewed at any time throughout the year.

1. Red Fort


The Red Fort is a vibrant red sandstone fortress in Delhi, formerly the ruling palace of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan (who also built Agra's Taj Mahal). The sprawling grounds of the Red Fort include the imposing Lahore Gate, the grand Diwan-I-Am hall, the Emperor's main residence of Khas Mahal, the textile and weapon museum of Mumtaz Mahal, and the museum of India independence Swatantra Sangrama Sangrahalaya.

2. Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb sits within immaculately maintained gardens, and its iconic dome was the prototype for Agra's Taj Mahal. Constructed from red sandstone by a grieving wife, Humayun's Tomb is recognised as the first major Mughal structure in Delhi, and among the oldest in India. The grounds also houses the Tomb Of Iza Khan, and the picturesque Barber's Tomb.

3. Qutub Complex

The Qutub Complex in Delhi is actually an area with several monuments and buildings dating back to the 12th century. The most famous structure in the Qutub Complex is the 72.5 m high Qutub Minar, a well preserved minaret that was the tallest object in the world when it was built. Also here is the Iron Pillar of the India Quwwat-Ul-Islam Mosque, a 7m tall pillar that has been standing for more than 1,600 years.

4. India Gate

India Gate is a memorial to Indian soldiers who perished during World War I, with an 'eternal flame' kept alight in their memory. Situated in the heart of Delhi, the India Gate has an empty sandstone Canopy situated behind it, both of which was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. This monument is beautifully lit in the evenings.

5. National Museum (Of New Delhi)

The National Museum of New Delhi houses a wide variety of artefacts, ranging from the pre-history of India, to contemporary modern art. With a collection spanning 5,000 years, and including archaeology, arms, armour, decorative arts, jewellery, manuscripts, and paintings, the National Museum is a great place to understand the history of India.