Top 5 Malacca Attractions

Top 5 Malacca Attractions

City: Malacca City
State: Malacca
Country: Malaysia

A small city with a rich historical background influenced by the Colonial British, Portuguese and Dutch, Malacca is also known as the centre for Peranakan culture. This makes Malacca one of the most interesting cities in Malaysia to visit due to its cultural and historical significance. Furthermore, the majority of attractions are all within convienent walking distance of each other.

Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions to visit in Malacca, all of which hold important cultural or historical significance. All these are permanent locations which can be visited and viewed at any time throughout the year.

1. A Famosa Fort


The most famous fort in Malacca, the A Famosa Fort contains the remains of the old Portuguese gate house Porta de Santiago, as well as the remaining ruins of Saint Paul's Church. The area around A Famosa Fort has many old military vehicles previously used by Malaysia.

2. Dutch Square

Dutch Square stands out with its eye-catching red buildings, and is a central roadway in Malacca. A popular location in Malaysia, iconic buildings in Dutch Square include the Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower, Christ Church, and the Dutch inspired Stadthuys Museum Of History And Ethnography.

3. Malay And Islamic World Museum

The Malay And Islamic World Museum, also known as the DMDI Museum in Malacca, has exhibits of various artefacts from Malay and Islamic culture. A great introduction to the local culture in Malaysia, the Malay And Islamic World Museum also acts as a centre for raising and displaying issues related to the various Malay communities.

4. Royal Malaysian Navy Museum

The Royal Malaysian Navy Museum is a repository for the navy of Malaysia, with artefacts and exhibits from its history. Its iconic ship facade stands out in the streets of Malacca. The Royal Malaysian Navy Museum also features a decommissioned patrol boat, the K.D. Sri Terengganu.

5. Baba And Nyonya Peranakan Museum

The best place in Malacca to understand more about Peranakan culture, the Baba And Nyonya Peranakan Museum is an actual restored home of the former Baba Chan family known as Rumah Abu. With one of the biggest populations of Peranakans in Malaysia living in this area, the Baba And Nyonya Peranakan Museum has a rich display of traditional antique furniture, crafts, tools, pictures, and clothing used by the Babas and Nonyas.