What I'm Thankful For In 2013

What I'm Thankful For In 2013

There are many things that happened in 2013, and looking back, I thank God for many of them. If I had to pick only 10 moments, these would be it. What I'm thankful for in 2013:

1. God's abundant faithfulness, grace, mercy, favor and love

2. Befriending people from countries all over the world, and really understanding their local culture, economic / business environments, laws, and challenges faced in each of their cities / countries

3. The opportunity to travel to 22 cities, in 14 countries, most of which I have never visited before, got to stay in many nice hotels, visit local attractions, see offices and shopping malls, eat the local food and explore the vicinity I was in
22 Cities: Melbourne, Penang, Tioman, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Sydney, Chennai, Bisbane, Adelaide, Manila, Bangkok, Jarkarta, Houston, Moscow, Beijing, London, Auckland, Christchurch, Ho Chi Minh, Guangzhou, Bandar Seri Begawan
14 Countries: Australia, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, United States Of America, Russia, China, England, New Zealand, Vietnam, Brunei

4. First year into a new job as a Trainer, good working environment and boss, plus doing well with a minor promotion, and the record breaking, highest grossing executive within 1 month

5. Cleared most of my debts, and actually managed to consistently save every month

6. Blogging reached mainstream status, and got to know various Singaporean bloggers through food tastings and event invitations

7. Deeper, more meaningful friendships and connections, and furthering of special relationships

8. Balance between work and life, allowing me time to pursue hobbies like photography, writing, exploring and collecting

9. Deeper appreciation of what Singapore has, in terms of safety / security, education, tolerance, convienence, opportunity and progressiveness

10. Exploring places and tourist attractions in Singapore, and understanding the rich history and culture