RoomRaider SG

RoomRaider SG
181 Orchard Road
#05-45 Orchard Central

11:30am - 10pm Daily

Enjoyable But Tough Real-Life Escape Room Games

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Estimated Visiting Duration: 45 Minutes Per Game + 10 Minutes Miscellaneous
Service: 7
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $22 per person.


RoomRaider SG is a service provider of Real-Life Escape Room Games, with a total of 6 themed rooms. Promising an immersive sensory (visual, tactile, auditory) experience, RoomRaider SG opened in Singapore in December 2013. Their rooms are ingeniously designed, created with a team of special effects set designers, sound engineers, and puzzle masters.

RoomRaider SG allows a total of 45 minutes of playing time within the rooms, with a further 10 minutes of miscellaneous time for briefings, phototaking, storing personal items, or waiting. Briefings are carried out by staff face to face, and they provide the background and story of the room you've selected. No hints are given at the beginning of the game, though the briefings are comprehensive, they're mostly safety related. Recommended team size for each room is between 4 - 8 people.

Rates at RoomRaider SG is SGD $28 per person during peak periods, and SGD $22 during off-peak periods, marginally more expensive than elsewhere. While RoomRaider SG provides lockers for storing of personal items, the lockers themselves are rather small. The game rooms are immersive, really getting you into the story and setting, with tricky room design and layouts, alternate light and darkness, and use of high technology including lasers, radio signals, magnets, and even the use of props that change with temperature! They don't have staff dressed as ghosts within the rooms, which means they're family-friendly!

Staff at RoomRaider SG are efficient and helpful, but even asking for hints is discouraged. This leads to teams being heavily self-reliant, and also adds to the mood by creating more pressure. We held our corporate event at RoomRaider SG, and coordinating with staff is hassle-free, though I find it odd that they only accept payment through cash, NETS, or direct bank transfer. Staff initally overcharged me, but when I spotted the problem and told them, they were quick to rectify this. Overall, had a good experience at RoomRaider SG!


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Hyperion is a futuristic sci-fi / space themed room, which puts your team in the shoes of a space ranger, racing against time to evacuate an energy source from the moon base. It requires teamwork, active observational skills, attentive listening, logical deduction, and lateral thinking, to solve the puzzles within 45 minutes.

RoomRaider SG - Hyperion Poster

Prison Break is a jail and espionage themed room, where your team of spies must break out from a maximum security prison, and is possibly the most difficult room here. It requires teamwork, some physical movement, lots of lateral thinking, logical deduction, analytical reasoning, observational skills, patience, and persistence, to solve the puzzles within 45 minutes.

RoomRaider SG - Prison Break Poster

Dark Mansion is a jewel heist themed room, which puts your team of jewel thieves in a neo-classical European mansion, seeking to steal valuables. It is the most intellectually demanding of all the rooms here, whose puzzles require teamwork, lateral thinking, several leaps in logical deduction, and analytical reasoning.

RoomRaider SG - Dark Mansion Poster

Where's Cuddles is a playful, whimsical themed room, transporting you team to a fantasy land filled with teddy bears. This magical environment is possibly the easiest room here, and the most suitable for younger players / children. It requires teamwork, observational skills, and logical deduction.

RoomRaider SG - Where's Cuddles Poster

S.W.A.T. Firestorm is a police / counter-terrorist themed room, where your team of police officers race against time to find and defuse a bomb, and save the city. This high stakes room is the most intentionally stressful / emotionally challenging, where players have to work together while remaining calm under pressure. It requires teamwork, observational skills, basic arithmetic skills, lateral thinking, and logical deduction, to solve the puzzles within 45 minutes.

RoomRaider SG - S.W.A.T. Firestorm Poster

Operation Neon-Green is a special operations / war themed room, sponsored by Mountain Dew, where players have to infiltrate a command bunker, gather field intelligence, and escape. Among the more difficult rooms here, it starts out easy, but quickly becomes tougher and tougher as each puzzle is solved. It requires teamwork, acute observational skills, complex arithmetic skills, logical deduction, and analytical reasoning.

RoomRaider SG - Operation Neon-Green Poster