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Yahava KoffeeWorks
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Global Coffee, Local Store

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 6
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $5 per person.


Founded in 2001 within the town of Metricup, in the Wilyabrup region of the Margaret River area in Western Australia, Yahava KoffeeWorks is, at heart, an adventure company. Dutch founder Alex Kok, known by his moniker 'The Koffee Baron', passed on his legacy of searching the world for the best coffee beans, roasting them in small batches, and brewing them in-house. The passion and commitment to coffee, and their motto of 'Adventure in a Cup!', means Yahava KoffeeWorks is focused on delivering the best coffee experience possible.

Ambience at Yahava KoffeeWorks retains the look and feel of their founder's coffee roasting shed. Warm, dim ambient lighting, rickety and rough looking wooden furniture, colourful cups, coffee making decor and equipment lining the walls, and the fragrant aroma of coffee beans roasting. Not the most comfortable place, and the aroma of coffee may stick to clothing, but it has a homely appeal.

Service at Yahava KoffeeWorks is completely self-service. Ordering, payment, and collection is all done over the counter, you even have to self-help to plate cakes / pastries. I do like that staff are friendly and efficient at fulfilling orders, as well as clearing empty / dirty tables. The best thing though, is their product knowledge, staff are able to describe the various nuances of each coffee bean or coffee available, provide basic information on the roasting process, as well as offering samples if asked.

Food at Yahava KoffeeWorks is strictly limited to pastries / cakes, which aren't made on-site, but instead, sourced from a supplier. There is no other food at all here. Thus, Yahava KoffeeWorks is really focused on beverages, in particular, coffee, with a wide range of flavours and styles available. Portions are rightly sized for individuals, and prices are typical of a cafe, budget about SGD $5 per person for 1 drink.


Coffee is more than a beverage here, it's in the decor, the tools, and a lifestyle!

Yahava KoffeeWorks Exterior

Yahava KoffeeWorks Interior

Yahava KoffeeWorks Menu Drinks

Coffee Strainer Door Handles

My Blood Type Is Coffee

Ya-Ha-Va Great Day

Gunny Sack Apron


Coffee beans sourced from all over the world are roasted in-house, using their own speciality equipment.

Coffee Equipment

Coffee Equipment

Coffee Equipment

The Yolkless Cheesecake (SGD $7.50) appears straight-forward, but the difference lies in the texture, as rich as a normal cheesecake, but not as heavy or cloying.

Yolkless Cheesecake

The unique Earl Grey Tea Cake (SGD $6) is moist, but what stands out about this is the fragrant aroma of floral earl grey tea, the fruity burst of dried cranberries, and the crunch of walnuts.

Earl Grey Tea Cake

The Matcha Azuki Cake (SGD $7.50) won approval from our group for its moist texture and intense green tea flavour, cut through with chewy azuki beans. Personally, I didn't feel the love, as I'm not a fan of green tea cakes. But I still feel it's good!

Matcha Azuki Cake

A varied Selection Of Coffee here, and always increasing, as the good folks here keep experimenting and creating new blends!

Selection Of Coffee

Selection Of Coffee

The Affogato (SGD $5) here is very good. The vanilla ice cream is creamy and rather hardy, doesn't melt too quickly when the hot, robust, strong espresso shot is poured over it. Not the best I've had, but still tasty, and worth ordering!



The Hot Chokolat (SGD $5), in contrast, is among the weakest I've had, and certainly the weakest item on the menu. There is only a hint of chocolate flavour, the consistency is too diluted and thin. About the only good thing is the sweet, gooey marshmallows on top, but it still can't save this sub-par beverage. Skip this.

Hot Chokolat

Hot Chokolat

The Long Black Kintamani House Blend (SGD $5) has a rich, smooth body, with a delicate floral sweetness and hints of chocolate. Sourced from small co-operative farms in the Bali region of Indonesia, the coffee beans from this region are known for being grown according to strict regulations, such as being pesticide-free and chemical-free. Only organic fertilizers are used, and beans are harvested only when they turn ripe.

Long Black Kintamani House Blend

Long Black Kintamani House Blend

The Mocha (SGD $5) has a rich chocolate flavour, and I love the design they've created by sprinkling the chocolate powder. Pretty decent brew.



Created to commerate Singapore 50th Jubliee Year / SG50, the Rose Latte (SGD $5) infuses local flavour with the use of rose syrup. The result is a coffee beverage that is similar to the Malay style Bandung drink, floral aroma with the essence of rose, and milky in texture. You can still taste the robust coffee within, making this very pleasant. Very good!

Rose Latte

Rose Latte

The Cold Brew (SGD $8) is smooth with a bright acidity, having a mild sweetness and bitterness on the palate. Easy to drink, but I wish it was slightly colder.

Cold Brew

If you wish to know more, there are all these helpful coffee descriptions around the shop, describing some of the basic points about taste and texture for each coffee bean / coffee blend that is available at Yahava KoffeeWorks.

Coffee Description Espresso

Coffee Description Kintamani

Coffee Description Mokha

Coffee Description Zumo

Coffee Description Kahava

Coffee Description Romeo No. 5

Coffee Description X-Rated