Top 5 Dhaka Attractions

Top 5 Dhaka Attractions

City: Dhaka
State: Dhaka Division
Country: Bangladesh

The 11th largest city in the world, Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, and the former seat of power for both the Mughal empire and the British. Also known as the 'Rickshaw capital of the world', Dhaka is the center of political, economic, and cultural life in Bangladesh, and with its long history, has many attractions, both traditional and modern.

Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions to visit in Dhaka, all of which hold important cultural or historical significance. All these are permanent locations which can be visited and viewed at any time throughout the year.

1. Ahsan Manzil


Located along the Buriganga River, the Ahsan Manzil was official residential palace of the Dhaka Nawab Family. Famous for its pink stonework, and its huge dome which can be seen from miles around, the building is one of the most significant architectural monuments of Bangladesh. It has since been converted into a museum, with 23 galleries in 31 rooms showcasing the lifestyle of the nawabs, including portraits, furniture, household items, and a beautiful garden.

2. Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban / National Parliament House

The Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban / National Parliament House is the official meeting place of the Parliament of Bangladesh in Dhaka city. Designed by architect Louis Kahn, the complex is among the world's largest, spanning 800,000m², and has been described as among the 20th century's most significant buildings. The visually striking, geometric buildings aren't open to public, but the grounds surrounding them are open for public use, which include Crescent Lake and Chandrima Uddan park.

3. Lalbagh Fort

Built in 1678 AD, Lalbagh Fort, also known as Fort Aurangabad, is an incomplete 17th century Mughal fort complex in south-west Dhaka, comprising 3 buildings, the Diwan-I-Aam palace, Mohammed Mirdha’s Mosque, and the tomb of Pari-Bibi. The site saw many battles, amongst them skirmishes during the Bangladesh Liberation War. It has since been converted into a museum, with the Diwan-I-Aam palace housing a small but excellent collection of Mughal miniature paintings, carpets, calligraphy, coins, and weapons.

4. Liberation War Museum

The Liberation War Museum in Dhaka commemorates the battles that led to Bangladesh obtaining its independence. The large collection of over 10,000 artifacts, including photographs, documents, weapons, and more, housed in 6 galleries, showcases the struggles of the freedom fighters during the 9 month Liberation War of 1971. Housed in a beautiful whitewashed colonial-era building, several of the exhibits are rather graphic, depicting the plight of war.

5. Sadarghat Boat Terminal

Among the largest river ports in Bangladesh and throughout the world, the Sadarghat Boat Terminal on the banks of the Buriganga River in Dhaka is a dynamic place buzzing with constant activity. While not the most tourist friendly location (it's crowded and polluted in most parts), it is the buzzing heart of the city, filled with life, and a boat ride out to the calmer waters is among the more popular activities.