Sentosa Siloso Beach

Sentosa Siloso Beach
36 Siloso Beach Walk

Opening Hours:

Siloso Beach: Daily 24 Hours

MegaZip Adventure Park: Daily 11am - 7pm

Skyline Luge Sentosa: Daily 10am - 9.30pm

Songs Of The Sea: 7.40pm & 8.40pm

Wave House Sentosa: Daily 10am - 11pm

iFly Singapore: Thu - Tue 9am - 10pm, Wed 10.30am - 10pm

Gogreen Cycle & Island Explorer: Daily 9.30am - 8pm

Admission Fees (In SGD $):

Siloso Beach: Free

MegaZip Adventure Park:
MegaZip: $38
ClimbMax: $38
ParaJump: $18
MegaBounce: $18
NorthFace: $18

Skyline Luge Sentosa:
Luge & Skyride: $12.50
Skyride: $8.50 (1-Way), $12.50 (2-Way)

Songs Of The Sea:
$12 (Standard)
$15 (Premium)

Wave House Sentosa:
Double FlowRider: $40 per hour
FlowBarrel: $50 per hour
Catch A Wave: $15 per hour

iFly Singapore:
Adult: $89
Child: $79

Gogreen Cycle & Island Explorer:
Island Explorer: $28 per hour
Hybrid Bicycle: $15 per hour
Tandem Bicycle: $18 per hour
Bi-Pedal Bicycle: $12 per hour

Estimated Visiting Duration:
1 - 4 Hours

List Of Star Attractions (Must See):
Wave House Sentosa & Double FlowRider, FlowBarrel, Catch A Wave
Skyline Luge Sentosa & Skyride
Songs Of The Sea (7.40pm & 8.40pm)
iFly Singapore

List Of Main Attractions (Good To See):
MegaZip Adventure Park & MegaZip, ClimbMax (36 Obstacles), ParaJump, MegaBounce, NorthFace
Kayak Rental
Skim Board Rental
Azzura Beach Club
Gogreen Cycle & Island Explorer

List Of Other Attractions (For A Complete Experience):
The Flying Trapeze & Rock Wall
Cool Deck
Siloso Beach Signage
Volleyball Court
Basketball Court
Beach Station
Emerald Pavilion
Sapphire Pavilion
Siloso Beach Lagoon

Busy Beach With Lots Of Activities For Everyone

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Visited: Mar-2013


As the largest and busiest beach in Sentosa due to its many activities, Siloso Beach is also often the most crowded beach. Siloso Beach is also the most accessible of the 3 beaches in Sentosa, being located next to the Beach Station monorail and carpark, and the shuttle bus stop. Because of this, Siloso Beach is often the first stop for many visitors to Sentosa.

Free activities at Siloso Beach include swimming, sun bathing, frisbee, volleyball, basketball and soccer. You'll most likely want to make use of either of the 2 pavilions, the Emerald Pavilion and the Sapphire Pavilion for shelter, or the Cool Deck, and public washrooms and showers are nearby. There are several Volleyball Courts, as well as 1 Baketball Court. Cheap activities include kayaking and skim boarding, and equipment is provided by rental shacks.

Siloso Beach also has several self-contained attraction activities, like The Flying Trapeze & Rock Wall, Wave House Sentosa, or iFly Singapore. Wave House Sentosa allows visitors to surf with indoor man-made waves, and also has a bar, restaurant, and a surf shop. iFly Singapore allows visitors to experience indoor sky diving, and also has several restaurants and a bar on the roof, which offers a great view of the beach. Songs Of The Sea is a twice daily show, at 7.40pm and 8.40pm, which is a spectacle of lights and music.

The MegaZip Adventure Park and Skyline Luge Sentosa span Siloso Beach to Imbiah Lookout. Skyline Luge Sentosa includes both a Skyride and a downhill Luge ride. MegaZip Adventure Park actually comprises 5 different activities. MegaZip is a 450 m flying fox ride over the forest canopy and beach, and is one of the longest and highest in Asia. MegaBounce offers high trampoline jumps, while NorthFace offers a 16 m high climbing wall, the tallest in Singapore. ClimbMax is an elevated obstacle course with 36 obstacles, and ParaJump replicates a parachute jump without an airplane.

If you're planning a visit to Siloso Beach, do note that while the beach is open 24 hours daily, the many activities available have various opening times. Generally, most should be open between 11am to 6pm. Admission fees vary for the various activities as well. Allocate between 1 to 4 hours for viewing, or for taking part in the many activities. Also, dress for warm weather, bring sun block lotion, and plenty of water.


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