Caveman Food

Caveman Food
1 Vista Exchange Green
The Star Vista #02-27C

10 Sinaran Road
#B1-130 Square 2

Beef Stew With Green Salad, Pumpkin (SGD $13.90)

Food, The Paleo Way

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 5
Ambience & Setting: 4
Food & Beverage: 7
Service: 2
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $10 per person.


Founded in September 2013 by Mr. Michael Tan, a 30-year veteran of the F&B industry, Caveman Food is a casual eatery offering dishes based on the Paleo diet / Paleolithic diet. The 1st such concept stall in Singapore, the wholesome dishes at Caveman Food are based on food groups eaten by our hunter-gatherer cavemen ancestors. And because the Paleo diet is said to aid weight loss, and aid the body's natural defences against cardiovascular disease and diabetes, Caveman Food has naturally attracted fitness enthusiasts, doctors and nurses from nearby hospitals, and casual diners who want healthy food.

Ambience at Caveman Food is simple and casual. Functional, white painted wooden furniture is closely packed within the cramped floor space, and the brightly lit, open air concept lends a rustic feel. The open kitchen with its appetizing display of food draws the eye, as does its large, clear menu outside. However, the place can get warm, as there is no air-conditioning.

Service at Caveman Food is completely self-service, as ordering, payment, and collection of orders is done over the counter. You're also encouraged to clear your own trays and disposable cutlery! However, staff do display good product knowledge, able to describe how dishes are made, and they'll offer you recommendations if asked. Orders are also quickly fulfilled, typically within 10 minutes.

Food at Caveman Food is styled after the Paleo diet, which is a diet based on the type of foods eaten by early humans, such as natural, grass-fed meat, fish, fresh vegetables, fish, and fruit. This means excluding / not eating items such as dairy products, processed foods, fried foods, sugar, gluten, cereal grains, or legumes / soy products. As such, the food here is rather natural and healthy, and only light sauces are used. Portions are sufficient for individuals, though prices are slightly higher than the average food court, budget about SGD $10 per person for a meal here.


Caveman Food Facade

Caveman Food Menu

Display Of Chicken In Gravy

The delicate and light Aloe Vera Honey (SGD $1.60) beverage isn't too sweet, yet still tastes good. Made with natural honey, water, and aloe vera, this chilled drink is refreshing, and is a pretty healthy choice!

Aloe Vera Honey (SGD $1.60)

The Lemongrass Honey (SGD $1.60) is just as delicate and light, with a lovely floral herbal sweetness that is pleasant and refreshing. Made with lemongrass, water, and natural honey, this chilled drink pairs well with strong flavoured dishes, like beef.

Lemongrass Honey (SGD $1.60)

Rather confused by the Mexican Chicken With Broccoli & Carrot, Pumpkin (SGD $8.90), because while I can see the use of Mexican inspired spices, the bold, spicy, or intense flavours I usually associate with Mexican cuisine is not present here. That said, the chicken itself is still tasty, with tender, moist, savoury, fall off the bone chicken meat, and very little fat. The broccoli and carrot salad has vegetables that are tender, yielding easily when chewed. Loved the sweetness of the mashed pumpkin as well, though it tends to become messy upon contact with the thin Mexican chicken gravy.

Mexican Chicken With Broccoli & Carrot, Pumpkin (SGD $8.90)

The Italian Chicken With Sweet Potato, Apple Salad (SGD $8.90) is delicious! The tender, moist, savoury, fall off the bone chicken meat, is rendered incredibly fragrant from the use of Italian herbs such as rosemary and thyme. The apple salad is fresh, with juicy chunks of sweet apple garnished with raisins, and the skin-on sweet potato is tender and sweet with a nice starchy texture. Excellent! The thin Italian inspired gravy is rather messy and weak though.

Italian Chicken With Sweet Potato, Apple Salad (SGD $8.90)

The Salmon Fillet With Sweet Potato (SGD $13.90) was lovely, with a moist, tender, soft pink fillet of salmon fish, savoury sweet, and clean-tasting. The salmon fish flakes off easily, and has been nicely deboned, though the skin is left on. The skin-on sweet potato is tender and sweet with a nice starchy texture, and the dish is accompanied by a wedge of lemon, a fresh frisee salad, and a light mushroom sauce.

Salmon Fillet With Sweet Potato (SGD $13.90)

The Beef Stew With Green Salad, Pumpkin (SGD $13.90) features chunks of meaty beef, savoury salty in flavour, some with fat, and some lean. I personally prefer the beef chunks with fat, because the texture is moist and tender. Sadly, the lean beef chunks have a semi-firm and dry texture. It's stewed together with tender carrots and sweet caramelised onions. The lovely sweet mashed pumpkin soaks up the delicious beef gravy, and the fresh, crunchy green salad of rocket leaves / arugula, lettuce, and lemon wedge is healthy and satisfiying.

Beef Stew With Green Salad, Pumpkin (SGD $13.90)