Pinky Tailor

Pinky Tailor
888/40 Ploenchit Road
Mahatun Plaza Arcade
Pathum Wan
Bangkok 10330

10am - 7:30pm Mon - Sat,
Closed Sun (Except For Appointments Booked In Advance)

Bales Of Cloth

Modern Unisex Tailoring With Extensive Range Of Fabrics

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 7
Estimated Visiting Duration: 20 - 40 Minutes
Estimated Tailoring Duration: 2 - 5 Days
Service: 8
Value for Money: 7
Spent about THB ฿17,000 / SGD $658 per person.
- THB ฿3,000 / SGD $117 for 1 trousers
- THB ฿2,000 / SGD $78 for 1 formal shirt
- THB ฿8,000 / SGD $310 for 1 blazer

Order Reference Number 'B4312', Order Placed On 14-May-2016, 1st Fitting On 15-May-2016, 2nd Fitting On 16-May-2016, Actual Collection Date 16-May-2016, Total 3 Days.


When looking for a good tailor in downtown Bangkok, Thailand, you can't go wrong with a reputable unisex brand such as Pinky Tailor. Established in 1980 by Mr. Pinky and his wife Ms. Nid, Pinky Tailor has long since been customising reliable, fashionable outfits for both men and women, attracting both locals and foreigners with their solid workmanship and consistently above average quality. Running the shop front with their son Mr. Win, they've attracted a loyal clientele solely on word-of-mouth, including Thai diplomats, Thai youngsters, business people, tourists, expats, celebrities, and more!

Pinky Tailor offers a vast array of fabrics, covering 3 whole shop floors, with a multitude of designs, colours, and patterns to suit both men and women. This includes cloth fabrics such as Italian cotton, Egyptian cotton, blended fabrics, wool, Thai silk, linen, and more. Most of the customers are Pinky Tailor are men, who come for the fashionable and good quality shirts, trousers, blazers, and tuxedos, while women usually tailor overcoats, skirts, dresses, ball gowns, and wedding bridal outfits. They can even tailor quilts and bed covers!

At Pinky Tailor, you get friendly, professional, efficiently fast service, all with a smile. The 35-strong tailoring team here means outfits get made pretty quickly, usually taking between 2 - 5 days, making it possible for casual tourists to have an outfit tailored. Staff are quick to attend to clients, and you get the sense of warm, personalised service. They even offer complimentary hotel pick-up, drop-off, and delivery for tourists! As a high-end unisex fashion tailor, the designs are Pinky Tailor are rather trendy, and they regularly bring in new fabric designs. You know you're in good hands as their client list boasts designers and fashionistas.

Their tailored outfits are well fitted, machine-washable, easy to iron, and durable. However, it's usually best to have an idea of what you want before visiting Pinky Tailor. While their staff do make recommendations, the extensive range of fabrics and designs mean that visiting without a plan (fabric, colour, pattern, budget) is risky. Not so suitable for first-timers to tailoring, though I like that Pinky Tailor staff do not hard sell customers. Also, it's best to give them a slightly longer duration to complete your outfit, I recommend a time-frame of 3 days, with at least 1 fitting. I'd rather not push for them to complete within 24 hours.

A visit to Pinky Tailor usually takes between 20 - 40 minutes, including taking of your measurements and choosing your clothing material and designs. There is no minimum spend, though prices are very affordable for the above average quality, budget THB ฿3,000 / SGD $117 for 1 trousers, and THB ฿2,000 / SGD $78 for 1 formal shirt. Once you've completed 1 tailored outfit, Pinky Tailor even offers customers the option to purchase their next outfit online!


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