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Among the hottest food trends in Singapore, for the first half of 2016, is Salted Egg Yolk Sauce. Everything also got salted egg! Riding high on this fad at the moment is SianTan Frenzies. Founded in June 2015, SianTan Frenzies is a snack distributor whose signature is their home made salted egg yolk sauce, which they use to coat a variety of snacks!

Retailing mostly online, SianTan Frenzies doesn't have a permanent physical store, though they often have pop-up stores in various shopping malls across Singapore. Really though, the only way to consistently track down their delicious snacks is online. However, online orders have a delivery charge, so I personally recommend finding their current pop-up store location if possible.

SianTan Frenzies offers 3 types of salted egg yolk snacks; yam chips, potato chips, and fish crackers. What stands out for these is the texture; even though the snacks are coated in sauce, they still have a nice crispy texture. Bite into it, and there is a satisfiying soft crunch! The salted egg yolk sauce itself is savoury salty, with a hint of spice from the curry leaves, yet it doesn't overwhelm the delicate flavour of the yam, potato, or fish. So tasty and addictive, it's impossible to just have 1 piece!

The staff at SianTan Frenzies tell me that a sealed bottle of their snacks can be kept (in a cool, dry place), for up to 1 month, but if opened, the lifespan is 2 weeks. Honestly though, the salted egg snacks are so good, it's typically finished in 3 days or less! SianTan Frenzies retails the snacks (yam chips, potato chips, fish crackers) at SGD $14 per bottle, with a bottle of their home made salted egg yolk sauce retailing at SGD $8 per bottle.

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