Sentosa Lake Of Dreams

Sentosa Lake Of Dreams
26 Sentosa Gateway
Resorts World Sentosa

Opening Hours:
Daily 9.30pm

Admission Fees (In SGD $):

Estimated Visiting Duration:
15 Minutes

Average, Bland And Unspectacular Show

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 4
Visited: May-2013


The Lake Of Dreams is located in the main area of Resorts World Sentosa, on Sentosa island, and is a once free daily show that takes place at 9.30pm everyday. By day, and most of the evening, it looks like a beautiful sculptured fountain with intricate designs and patterns, but near the time of the show, it's lit up by lights, which illuminate the flowing water beautifully.

Unfortunately, being pretty and nice to look at is the only thing that the Lake Of Dreams has going for it. As a show, even one that is displayed free, it does very poorly. One problem is the large, spread design of the Lake Of Dreams, which prevents clear viewing from any angle, even from the viewing gallery directly in front of it. This means fountains, lights or special water effects at the sides of the Lake Of Dreams go unoticed by most of the viewers, except those closest to it.

Another problem with the Lake Of Dreams is the limited range of multimedia effects, which gets repetitive after about 7 minutes or so. By this time, you would already have seen most of the water jets, fountains, mist jets, lights, sound, pyrotechnics and animatronics that the show has to offer, and it just repeats from there. The highlight would be the lighting of flames on the lake, but after that, nothing much else happens. This is evident by people starting to leave after awhile, not staying throughout the show, or from complains about boredom. The show would be better off with a shorter amount of time, or with a more interesting story and effects.

Finally, the Lake Of Dreams has a weak storyline which makes very little sense, and seems almost forced together to suit the special effects. The story itself involves air spirits dancing, water spirits flowing, whales singing, butterflies summoning dragons through dance, a red dragon and a yellow dragon who band together to create a ring of fire. Then they celebrate. The story totally lost me by this point.

In summary, poor viewing angles from the gallery, repetitive special effects and a weak story make this an average show at best. But in the context of Sentosa with it's many outstanding attractions, the Lake Of Dreams is one of the worst attractions / shows on the island. Skip this, and you won't be missing anything. But if you really must watch it, the Lake Of Dreams starts at 9.30pm everyday, though the viewing gallery starts to fill up by 9.15pm. It's free, and allocate about 15 minutes for viewing.


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