Would You Make Judas Your Treasurer?

Would You Make Judas Your Treasurer?
By Dr. Lance Wallnau

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Who hired Judas to be the treasurer of the ministry? Jesus, of course. Now think, Jesus gave an opportunity for a greedy man to handle His money. Did He not know that Judas had a problem with money? Certainly. Which makes for TWO important discoveries:

1. The area of gifting is the area of temptation,
2. God will give you responsibility and opportunity in that area in spite of your weakness.

WHY? Does God want to set you up to fail? Actually He is setting you up to succeed. The only way you can break through a weakness is to face it and overcome it. To break off the iniquity - you must face off with the iniquity.

God doesn't tempt us - yet the Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. Why? Meeting the tempter seems to be a right of passage into promotion. Did the Father want the Son to fail? Obviously not. He wanted the Son to be tested and qualified to drive the enemy out.

Maybe you and I are tempted most in the area we are called to drive out the devil? Look at the thing you struggle with now and consider if it isn't a spirit somehow associated with the territory you are called to occupy. Judas had a gift for money and therefore had to overcome a spirit of greed. A strong leader may struggle with control, a great persuader with manipulation or seduction.

Temptation reveals weaknesses and "Owning" a weakness actually makes you more authentic. It makes you more generous with others who fall and the humility you experience creates a vacuum in you that draws in greater grace! God gives grace to the humble. Grace is the word that describes a current of divine energizing power from Heaven. As you draw near to Him, He gives you grace and this creates energy to overcome. Heaven creates a table for you right "in the presence of your enemies." You "occupy till He comes" you don't run from the pressure. Heaven is wanting you to win. You'll never meet a temptation you do not have ability to resist (read 1 Cor 10:13).

And you'll never be held back from promotion because you might be tempted. In fact your weakness and your strength are so intertwined that you will surely meet temptation as you advance. Don't let it stop you.