Moscow Shops

September 27, 2013 Ivan Teh - RunningMan 0 Comments

Moscow Shops

Some examples of the shops in Moscow, whether along the streets or within the shopping malls.

Some notable ones include:
Apteka, a collection of pharmacies / drug stores which Russian people visit for medicine
Gelendzhik Bank, a private commercial bank with a full range of baking services that is the town bank of the tourist resort city of Gelendzhik
Kofe Khauz (Coffee House), a franchise chain of western style coffee shops that sells various light meals, drinks, desserts, confectioneries and pastries
Russian Souvenirs Shop, a retail outlet which carries traditional Russia and Moscow novelties, trinkets and gifts
Teremok, a popular fast food kiosk fanchise in Moscow and Saint Petersburg that specialises in Russia Blini
Universam Perekrestok (Supermarket Crossroads), a convienence supermarket in Moscow that carries all kinds of local and imported goods
Vkusnyy Gastronom Domashney Yedy (Deli Delicious Home Made Food), a typical Russia deli in Moscow that carries all types of food related produce


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