Brazil Churrasco

Brazil Churrasco
16 Sixth Avenue

Cocktail Caipirinha (SGD $14.80), Update Jun-2016

Excellent Churrascaria
(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 9
Ambience & Setting: 9
Food & Beverage: 9
Service: 9
Value for Money: 8
Spent about SGD $58 per person.


Been to Brazil Churrasco twice, for a family dinner and for Valentine's. Left both times with a great impression.

Brazil Churrasco staff are friendly and polite even if the restaurant is packed, and will helpfully attend to requests with a smile. (Then again, I suppose you really do get what you pay for... And I personally feel they deserve the service charge.)

The quality of the food at Brazil Churrasco is evident in the freshness, from the numerous options at the free-flow salad bar, to the grilled meats.

You'll be spoilt for choice at the Brazil Churrasco salad bar as it offers over 20 different varieties of hot and cold appetizers, inspired by world-wide cuisines such as England (Potato Croquette), Italy (Pasta Salad), China (Deep-Fried Kailan), and more.

Brazil Churrasco serves 13 different types of grilled meats, but the stand-outs for me include the Pork Ribs (Infused with a hint of lemon), and the Beef Prime Rib. The Grilled Pineapple is also a winner, it's helpful to cleanse the palate after consuming so much meat.

This is definitely a restaurant I'll dine at for special occasions.


Cheese Bun

Chicken Fillet

Chicken Heart

Chicken Liver

Chicken Thigh

Fish Dory Fillet

Grilled Pineapple And Ham Sandwich

Grilled Pineapple



Pork Chorizo Sausage

Pork Rib With Lemon

Salad Bar 9 Types

Soup Mushroom


Update Jun-2016: It's been a good 5 years since I last visited Brazil Churrasco, and this time, I returned for a dual special occasion, a pre-birthday celebration, and to celebrate passing my 1st DACE exam. I'm glad to find that Brazil Churrasco is still serving some excellent churrascaria, or Brazilian rotisserie / barbecue. Founded in September 1994, by the owners who came from the bairro of Copacabana, in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Realised the menu is now more focused on beef, and there is less pork or chicken options.

Brazil Churrasco Address & Contact

Ambience at Brazil Churrasco largely remains the same, a rustic elegance that is casual and inviting. The decent sized spacious dining hall has an open salad bar in the middle, and the warm dim lighting casts an intimate mood over the sturdy wooden furniture draped with vibrant red tablecloths. Traditional Brazilian / Spanish music plays in the background, yet the hustle and bustle of staff moving around quickly does not distract. Excellent, suitable for long, lingering meals!

Brazil Churrasco Exterior

Brazil Churrasco Interior

Service at Brazil Churrasco is excellent. Staff are polite and friendly, welcoming diners at the door, and seating them quickly. They display fantastic product knowledge, briefing guests on the process of dining here, able to state the ingredients of the salad bar varieties, and know the various cuts of meat served. They're even able to recommend drinks! Staff are also quick to respond to requests, and efficient in clearing away empty / dirty tables. Tip: Ask staff to change your plates if needed. You can also request for meat to be served slowly, allowing you to have a more leisurely meal.

Churrascaria Passadore

Churrascaria Passadore

Food at Brazil Churrasco is classic Brazilian churrascaria. Start by taking your plate and choosing from the self-service, free-flow salad bar, which features over 20 different items! Once seated, the Passadore will come around to your table. These specialist waiters, holding large skewers of meat and a carving knife, skillfully slice various cuts onto your plate. Food arrives fast and furious, though you can always ask for it to be served slowly. Generally, food quality here ranges from decent to good, the salad bar items are fresh, though usually chilled, and the barbecue rotisserie meats are tasty. There are some misses though. Also, they lack the traditional Brazilian pegador (food tongs), and the signal token with green and red ends. Price is affordable and reasonable for this free-flow buffet, budget about SGD $58 per person, without drinks.



The Cocktail Caipirinha (SGD $14.80) is the country's national cocktail, made with cachaca / sugar cane liquor, sugar syrup, lime juice, and served chilled over ice. A traditional Brazilian classic!

Cocktail Caipirinha (SGD $14.80)

The Cocktail Caipiroska (SGD $13.80) switches out the cachaca / sugar cane liquor for vodka instead, giving it a slightly sharper spicy flavour. While lime juice is still used, the sugar syrup volume is increased, to account for the lack of cachaca / sugar cane liquor.

Cocktail Caipiroska (SGD $13.80)

Cocktail Caipiroska

The condiments of Onion Salsa & Mint Sauce (SGD $29 Light Meal / $49 Full Meal) are served with every meal. The Light Meal (SGD $29) only allows diners to have the salad bar with no meats, while the normal Full Meal (SGD $49) includes the barbecue / rotisserie meats, and is the default order when dining here.

Onion Salsa & Mint Sauce (SGD $29 Light Meal / $49 Full Meal)

The Soup Cream Of Mushroom is decent enough, creamy but not too thick, with good mushroom flavour and chunks of button mushroom within. Served as an appetizer to open the palate.

Soup Cream Of Mushroom

The Pao De Queijo / Brazilian Cheese Bread is a traditional Brazilian cheese puff, with a crispy exterior and a fluffy soft, chessy interior. Served as an appetizer, it's best eaten when warm!

Pao De Queijo / Brazilian Cheese Bread

There are over 20 different items in the self-service, free-flow salad bar! You can always come back to replenish your plate during your meal. Some items I tried include:
the Salad Deep-Fried Spinach Leaves which was light, crisp, and fragrant with sesame seeds;
the crunchy firm Salad Deep-Fried Cauliflower which was light and not oily;
the Salad Zucchini & Olives which was fresh, juicy, and crunchy, with an earthy sweet flavour;
the tender Salad Eggplant with red and yellow bell peppers / capsicum;
the sweet crunchy Salad Sauteed Caramelised Onions;
the Salad Beetroot which bursts with sharp sour sweet flavour;
the soft earthy Salad Sauteed Button Mushrooms which was fragrant with garlic;
the crunchy Salad Peppers & Onions with vibrant green, yellow, red bell peppers / capsicum, onions, and black olives;
the creamy Salad Potato with cubes of tender soft potatoes and carrots;
the slightly smoky Salad Roasted Baby Potatoes;
and the Salad Squid & Shrimp, which is the only seafood dish available here, and has fresh bouncy squid rings, tender sweet shrimp / prawns, along with crunchy celery, lettuce, and bell peppers / capsicum.

Salad Deep-Fried Spinach Leaves

Salad Deep-Fried Cauliflower

Salad Zucchini & Olives

Salad Eggplant

Salad Sauteed Caramelised Onions

Salad Beetroot

Salad Sauteed Button Mushrooms

Salad Peppers & Onions

Salad Potato

Salad Roasted Baby Potatoes

Salad Squid & Shrimp

Salad Plate

The Lamb Leg was semi-dry and gamey in taste, though adding the sauces helped a little bit. Not good.

Lamb Leg

Loved the moist and tender Chicken Thigh On Bone, which had good savoury sweet flavour, and fatty skin that comes off easily. Portion is large, and may be shared! Excellent!

Chicken Thigh On Bone

The Smoked Duck Breast, true to its name, has good savoury salty smoky flavour. The duck meat is still moist and tender, and I got a couple of rounds of this! Good!

Smoked Duck Breast

The best cut of meat here is the Beef Topside. Moist and tender, due to the small layer of fat, with good savoury meaty flavour, this cut of meat is fantastic when barbecued / roasted in a rotisserie. This signature cut of beef is also known as round steak, rump cap, or picanha, and is the most common cut served in a churrascaria. Excellent!

Beef Topside

The Beef Short Rib is incredibly fork tender, with savoury salty, juicy meat that just comes apart. Slivers of fat within lend moisture and flavour, and you also get a hint of smokiness. Excellent!

Beef Short Rib

The Beef Hump was the worst cut of meat here. Super dry in texture, though it comes apart easily, I felt like I was eating straw. Terrible.

Beef Hump

The Beef Tenderloin was average for me, while the meat was tender, the large size made the beef slightly more tough to slice through. At least it still had good savoury salty meaty flavour, and was moist within. Decent.

Beef Tenderloin

Got myself several rounds of the Beef Rump Cap With Garlic, because I like the tender, moist texture of the beef, with its savoury salty meaty flavour enhanced with fragrant herbal floral garlic. Great!

Beef Rump Cap With Garlic

Loved the Fish John Dory fillet, which the Passadore, in his heavy accent, proclaimed, "It's very good!" The fish is nicely tender, moist, and flakes apart easily, with a savoury sweet flavour of freshness. Excellent!

Fish John Dory

The Pork Sausage is moist, having juicy savoury meaty flavour which bursts in the mouth. They used to have a spicy version, but it seems like this non-spicy version is the only sausage available now. Good!

Pork Sausage

The Pork Ham is savoury salty, with a meaty moist texture, and pairs so well with the caramelised sweet freshness of the Grilled Pineapple, whose fruit sugars have crystalised around the edges. Excellent!

Pork Ham

Grilled Pineapple

Grilled Pineapple

The Coconut De Manjar (SGD $9.80) differs widely from the traditional classic Brazilian dessert known as Manjar De Coco. While both feature the same soft, wobby coconut custard pudding, with good earthy floral flavour, the toppings are different. Instead of sugar syrup, condensed milk, coconut milk, and pitted plums / prunes used in the traditional classic version of Manjar De Coco, the version here instead replaces these with palm sugar, blueberries, and strawberries. Overall, a decent dessert at best, rather average when compared to desserts elsewhere.

Coconut De Manjar (SGD $9.80)

Coconut De Manjar