Soup Broth Asia

Soup Broth Asia
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-62 Rafffles City Shopping Centre

1 HarbourFront Walk
#02-43 VivoCity

Hearty Asian Soups & Stews
(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 8
Ambience & Setting: 7
Food & Beverage: 8
Service: 9
Value for Money: 7
Spent about SGD $13 per person.


I first chanced upon Soup Broth Asia when it was still under renovation. As a fan and regular customer of The Soup Spoon and The Handburger, I was really excited when I learned from the staff that Soup Broth Asia was under the same management. Thus, I had high expectations of Soup Broth Asia, and I'm glad they lived up to it!

Soups & Stews
Soup Broth Asia offers a good range of Asian-Inspired soups and stews. From double boiled herbal concoctions to curried stews, all their items are tasty and satisfying. Serving size is decent, and each bowl is filled to the brim with ingredients. Great especially for a pick-me-up on cold or rainy days.

Efficient and polite. In fact, I'll venture to say that service at Soup Broth Asia is of a higher standard as compared to their sister outlets - The Soup Spoon and The Handburger. Staff are knowledgeable about each item on the menu, and will patiently guide you in choosing your meal. Food arrives within 5 minutes, and tables are cleared promptly after a customer leaves. Staff will also ask for feedback on your meal. I've even seen staff comply with requests to reheat cold soups!

Side Dishes
Soup Broth Asia side dishes are actually Cze-Char / economic-rice inspired sides... And I personally feel that they offer some of the best tasting dishes I've ever eaten. The quality, taste and presentation of each side dish is a lot better than your average cze-char or economic-rice stall. They use really fresh ingredients, and the chef's skill with the wok really comes through in each dish. My only complaint is that I wish they would allow customers to order these side dishes as main dishes!



Braised Beancurd

Burmese U-Piang Gourd And Vegetables Stew

Chicken Daikon Leek Soup

Chap Chye

Chinese Cabbage And Fish Soup

Cold Tofu

Egg Sambal

Fried Fish Slices

Hainanese Beef And Tripe Hotpot Soup

Hainanese Fish Maw Soup

Herbal Chicken Soup

Herbal Pork Rib Soup

Indonesian Chicken Opor Soup

Kimchi With Beef And Beancurd Hotpot Soup


Lemongrass With Nata De Coco

Lotus Root With Pork Rib Soup

Rice Fried With Egg

Rice White Long Grain

Rice Yam

Roast Chicken

Salted Vegetable With Duck Soup

Seafood Tom Yum Soup

Soya Sesame Chicken

Stir-Fried Baby Kai-Lan / Chinese Kale / Chinese Broccoli

Stir-Fried Egg With Tomato

Sweet And Sour Pork

Wasabi Prawns

Beer Sapporo

Red Velvet Cake

Pho Chicken

Pho Beef

Korean Ginseng Chicken Noodle

Tom Yum Gai