Dolce Tokyo

Dolce Tokyo
313 Orchard Road
#03-23 313@Somerset

Average Food From An Understaffed Cafe

(Ratings: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 = Worst and 10 = Best)
Overall: 3
Ambience & Setting: 6
Food & Beverage: 5
Service: 3
Value for Money: 2
Spent about SGD $30 per person.


Dolce Tokyo offers a mashup fusion of Italian, Japanese and British influences in their menu. However, they are probably one of the least successful among such a concept that I've seen.

There isn't much decor at Dolce Tokyo, as the cafe is open on 3 sides. Thus, Dolce Tokyo would actually be a great place for people watching, or just chilling with drinks. Furniture is functional but quite closely spaced, and I like that you have a choice of western or asian cutlery at each table.

I find the food that I've tried at Dolce Tokyo to be rather average. There isn't much kitchen space here, so food is either quick to prepare, or pre-made in advance. Thus, dishes from their pasta menu or all-day breakfast menu tend to be quick to throw together, and cooked via a simple pan fry or even by microwave. This means that while food can be served quickly, the quality and taste of the dish usually suffers. Because of this, I find their meals to be overpriced. Generally, I find their drinks to be slightly better than their food.

The biggest disappointment is in the service at Dolce Tokyo. This isn't exactly the staff's fault, as Dolce Tokyo is severely understaffed, with only 3 people present. There is 1 chef / cook, who prepares all the food at the back, and 1 barista who makes all the drinks and prepares the desserts. That leaves just 1 staff, who has to run around taking all the orders, serving the food, collecting payment, and clearing tables. And from my observation, he is clearly overwhelmed.

Even when Dolce Tokyo is nearly empty, the staff seem to be unable to cope. Customers who arrive outside stand around looking lost, as no one will greet and seat them. Eventually, they either seat themselves, or walk away. When they want to order, they have to spend some time trying to catch the attention of the staff again. If they're unable to, some either leave, or go up to the counter to order. If they do catch the attention of the staff, sometimes, what they wish to order from the menu isn't available.

The same problem happens when making payment... The bill takes a long time to arrive. I've only visited Dolce Tokyo twice, but during these visits, I've seen quite a few people (at least 6 groups) walk away due to frustration. Dolce Tokyo might continue losing business unless they streamline and expedite their service processes, or hire more staff.

I absolutely won't recommend anyone to dine at Dolce Tokyo. If for some reason you must dine here however, I suggest considering it as a self-service place. Don't wait for staff to seat you, just walk in and seat yourself. When you've decided what to order, go straight up to the counter to place it, instead of waiting for them to come to you. Finally, don't call for the bill, just go up to the counter to settle it. I find that if you follow these steps, you'll save yourself a lot of frustration. Then again, you could also eat elsewhere.

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